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Clementine, Xavier and Octave

“Noémie has been amazing. We had all sorts of terrible nights before with our 11 months old. We could never quite find a way to settle him and make him sleep through the night. Noemie took good care of us and our routines. She gave us the best advice. Our baby was sleeping through the night 4 days later. We highly recommend Noemie.”

Helene and Eden

“Noémie gave me a better understanding of my son’s sleep. Today his sleep is much better. Noémie is available and understanding. She takes our lifestyle into consideration, which allows for individual support. Thank you.”

Asher, Samuel & Noe

“Definitely worth getting in touch with Noémie; my son is now easy to settle at night and not waking up as much…even starting to sleep through! It’s great to be able to chat with Noémie each day, too; she has lots of helpful information!”

Ana and Charlie

“Noémie helped us setting up a sleep routine for our 3 months baby, who wasn’t sleeping in his bed during the day, only in mum’s arms. Thanks to a consistent method, baby Charlie goes to sleep very easily and in his bed!
She followed us daily for 2 weeks, giving good advice and reinforcing our confidence to put baby Charlie to sleep in his own cot. The home consultation face-to-face has been particularly efficient for me, my partner and Charlie! Thank you again, Noémie.”

Ardis, Rob and Eira

“Noémie was very professional and thorough in first understanding what we wanted and what was needed to help our baby develop good sleeping habits and establish a realistic sleep routine. Her personal experiences also brought a lot of warmth and empathy to our sessions, making it easy to ask questions and clarify any concerns. Her detailed summaries and explanations have also been very handy to refer to afterwards.

Fanny and Louis

“I highly recommend Noémie. We’ve just completed a consultation and 2 weeks follow-up with Noémie and she has provided us with some great advice and tips for our little one that have already paid off! Thank you Noémie.”

Yulia, Dev and Alex

“I can’t recommend Noémie enough! Our 18-month-old has always been a terrible sleeper, but after we started working with Noémie, her gentle, but effective techniques have done what we thought was impossible! We love how she took the time to get to know us, understand our parenting style and preferences, and built a tailored plan for our little girl. She checked in daily and answered all of our questions in detail. Thank you so much for all your help, Noémie!”

Cecile, Quentin and James

“Noemie really helped us get full nights of sleep. Our baby is now able to self settle at night. Her method is gentle but efficient – no cry out. Our baby was never left alone crying in his room. She has reviewed the globality of our routine to help him sleep better. It worked from day 1. We feel very confident with our new routine and we sleep peacefully again after 9 months of craziness! Thanks again!”

Charlotte, Oz and Sanah

“Noémie offered endless knowledge and support in helping us improve our newborn’s sleep. We needed help settling our bub in the bassinet and setting a suitable routine, and with Noémie’s help, we were able to do this easily. Using her methods it improved drastically over just two days! She checked in with us every day and provided multiple solutions for each of our issues. Such a great communicator and listener! Thanks again for all of your help!”

Sophie and Gaia

“Noémie was very attentive, supportive and full of kindness and good advice! My little Gaia, 6 months old, had difficulty falling asleep. Today, the progress is considerable and it is very good for her and us! Thank you Noémie for your precious help!”

Stephanie and Aiko

“I highly recommend Noemie’s services! She helped us set a new routine for our 2 years old daughter who was going to bed pretty late and was waking up numerous times during the night. We were lucky enough to have some good results within a week but every kid is different and we still had some ups and downs to adjust to this new routine. We were still able to keep our lifestyle when Noemie introduced this new routine because she knew this was important to us, we really had amazing support through this training and what I liked the most is that I did not feel judge at all when things did not work or when I wasn’t able to follow all the steps of the routine. Noemie really cares and listens, she tries her best for you to find your sleep back. A big thank you again, Noemie for what you have done for us !”

Tracy and Axelle

“Our experience with Noémie was fantastic and the advice she gave us to help baby sleep better paid off. Great communication and quick to respond whenever we had a question, she made adjustments to suit the little one and her methods are gentle and clear to follow. Thank you again for your help Noemie.”

Sam and Disco

“Our 20 months old had been waking up every single night for the last few months. With Noémie’s help and thorough sleep plan and advices, our son started sleeping through again within a week. Noémie is a life saver for exhausted parents. She has been checking on us in a regular basis to see how the implementation of her sleep plan was going. We highly recommend Noémie – she is professional and was able to adapt an extensive sleep plan to our family and our needs. Thank you again for your help Noémie!”



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