How to use liniment

Check out this video to see how to use liniment.

What is Liniment?

Liniment (or Liniment oléo-calcaire) is a traditional lotion originating from the South of France used to hydrate and nourish the skin and to prevent irritation. It is often used as a baby nappy lotion for its ability to cleanse baby’s bottom and to prevent nappy rashes. Its alkaline pH makes it the perfect natural solution to counter the acidity of urines, thus preventing irritations and maintaining baby’s skin soft and hydrated.

Liniment is also a very effective natural makeup remover that cleanses the skin smoothly while keeping it healthy and soft.

The hydration properties of Liniment make it an excellent natural lotion to soothe and prevent dry skin that can also be used as an after-sun moisturising lotion.

What’s in the Organic Liniment made by Sweet Dreams Petit Bébé?

Sweet Dreams Petit Bébé only uses 100% natural ingredients that are carefully selected to ensure the maximum efficacy and safety of its handcrafted organic lotion. Sweet Dreams Petit Bébé Organic Liniment is made from a traditional French recipe combining organic extra virgin olive oil, limewater and beeswax. Our lotion is preservative-free and perfume-free.

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